Cape Verde Yachting Company Ltd.

Are you traveling the Atlantic and looking for a place for your yacht off the coast of Africa? Visit CVYC in Praia, Cape Verde and we'll take care of your every need. Cape Verde Yachting Company offers full service to its members at very affordable prices.

Yacht docking

Our marina is offering its members the ability to dock their yachts, sail boats and speedboats at very affordable prices. We have just recently expanded our little marina allowing us to now house more than a two hundred boats at a time. We are open 24/7 and always put our members first.

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Boat repairs

Even though it's not exactly a top of the line workshop, our little yacht club does offer its members the services of a 5 man mechanics repair team which is at your service during the entire stay at our docks. We can't make any promises of repairs of top of the line yachts, but we'll do our best to help you out.

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Yacht rental

CVYC Ltd. is in ownership of about 20 small to medium sized boats/yachts that we are offering for rental to our members. Cape Verde is a vacation hotspot and if you find yourself visiting the islands and wanting to go on a cruise but you don't have a yacht to your name, visit us and we'll hook you up.

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Cape Verde Yachting Company, or CVYC for short, is a full service yachting company/marina based in Praia, Cape Verde which offers a variety of services to yacht owners ranging from yacht renting to yacht docking and repairs. Run by a US company, CVYC has been in the yachting business for the past 10 years during which time we have had thousands of satisfied clients who we have helped with their yachting needs. Recently we’ve upgraded our docks and we are now able to accommodate medium sized yachts. We made a commemorative video shoot with a high quality drone to celebrate the occasion. Checkout the video further down below. We are located in the very heart of Cape Verde, it’s capital Praia. Our location gives us a unique opportunity to help people and many yachters who used our services over the years have come back to us again, which we think is a sign of the good quality service that our company offers. Contact us right away if you want to become a member of our yacht club or continue reading to find out what we are offering exactly.